Top 7 Discs Every Disc Golfer Needs in 2023

Top 7 Discs Every Disc Golfer Needs in 2023

Picking The Best Disc Golf Discs of the Year:

In the evolving world of disc golf, the right equipment can significantly uplift your game. As we approach 2023, players from all over are seeking the finest discs to enhance their performance on the course. Whether you're on the hunt for the best putter, fairway driver, or distance driver, this guide will introduce you to top-notch options that have gained renown among disc golf enthusiasts.

The Best Putters in 2023:

Putters are the backbone of any disc golfer's arsenal, specifically designed for short-range shots and precision. When looking for the best putter in 2023, stability and accuracy are paramount.



Innova Aviar

  • Stats: [2, 3, 0, 1]
  • Why It's Essential: The Aviar offers consistency like no other, a favorite for its predictable flight.
  • Best For: Precision putting and short approach shots.
  • Bonus Tip: It's the go-to disc for many professional players for its unrivaled consistency.



Discraft Luna

  • Stats: [3, 3, 0, 3]
  • Why It's Essential: A brainchild of collaboration with Paul McBeth, this putter provides superior grip and has become a staple for many.
  • Best For: Controlled putts and steady approaches.
  • Bonus Tip: Its unique plastic blend ensures a perfect balance between firmness and grip.



Latitude 64 Diamond

  • Stats: [8, 6, -3, 1]
  • Why It's Essential: The Diamond is particularly known for its beginner-friendly design. Its lighter weight combined with impressive glide makes it perfect for newer players or those with a slower arm speed.
  • Best For: Players looking to improve their drives and achieve controlled turns.
  • Bonus Tip: The Diamond also shines when used for long anhyzer shots, offering consistent fade back.


The Best Fairway Drivers in 2023:

Fairway drivers serve as the middle ground between putters and distance drivers. If you're searching for the best fairway driver in 2023, look for discs that offer both control and distance.



Innova TeeBird

  • Stats: [7, 5, 0, 2]
  • Why It's Essential: Known for its remarkable accuracy, the TeeBird stands out, especially in windy conditions.
  • Best For: Achieving straight flights with precision.
  • Bonus Tip: Its durability ensures it retains its flight characteristics over time.



Discmania FD

  • Stats: [7, 6, 0, 1]
  • Why It's Essential: Often dubbed the "Jack of All Trades," the FD's versatility is unmatched.
  • Best For: All skill levels aiming for reliable flights.
  • Bonus Tip: Its glide makes it an excellent choice for tunnel shots.


The Best Distance Drivers in 2023:

Distance drivers are crafted for maximum reach. When scouting for the best distance driver in 2023, prioritize speed, stability, and glide.


Innova Destroyer

  • Stats: [12, 5, -1, 3]
  • Why It's Essential: A multi-world title holder, the Destroyer offers a blend of speed and stability.
  • Best For: Long, predictable flights.
  • Bonus Tip: Ideal for players with a faster arm speed aiming for more distance.



Discraft Zeus

  • Stats: [12, 5, -1, 3]
  • Why It's Essential: Another masterpiece co-designed with Paul McBeth, the Zeus shines in covering vast distances.
  • Best For: Power-packed drives.
  • Bonus Tip: Its contoured grip ensures maximum control during release.



Westside Discs King

  • Stats: [14, 5, -1.5, 3]
  • Why It's Essential: The King is legendary for its incredible glide, allowing players to achieve distances they once deemed unattainable.
  • Best For: Players seeking to add extra meters to their drives without excessive effort.
  • Bonus Tip: While it's designed for maximum reach, intermediate players will appreciate its forgiving nature, especially when released with a slight anhyzer.


The Right Disc Golf Gear and Apparel:

Having the right discs is just half the battle; sporting the right apparel can make your game even more enjoyable. As the chill of fall sets in, comfort and style are key. Don't forget to check out Yock Wear's Disc Golf Apparel. Designed for disc golf enthusiasts, our apparel promises both performance and panache. Elevate your game in style!

In Conclusion:

The perfect disc can be a game-changer, providing you with the edge you've been seeking on the course. As we embrace the 2023 disc golf season, it's essential to equip yourself with discs that match your skill level and playstyle. This guide aims to provide you with insights into top-tier options renowned for their performance and reliability. So, as you stride towards mastering your throws and perfecting your shots, remember, the right gear is your companion in this journey. Here's to achieving new personal bests and enjoying every moment on the course!

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