• Silas Degeorge


  • Jake Lazarski

    Creative Director

  • Daniel Stroud

    Digital Outreach Director

Our Mission Is Simple:

Combine disc golf culture with modern aesthetics to create a unique brand and community for the players.

The Origins of Yock

Yock Wear is more than just apparel; it's a movement that captures the spirit of disc golf's rise. Born from a passion for aesthetics and performance on the course, we dreamt of more than just clothing. We envisioned a banner under which a thriving community of enthusiasts could gather, celebrate, and grow. As the sport ascends in popularity, Yock Wear seeks to be the beating heart of a network filled with spirited games, memorable events, and a shared love for the game.

Made By Disc Golfers, For Disc Golfers

As players ourselves, we understand the nuances, the aspirations, and the shared moments that define this sport. We're not just creating apparel; we're weaving in our experiences, our joys, our community spirit into every piece. Because when you wear Yock Wear, you're not just donning an outfit—you're embracing a collective passion, a shared dream, and the genuine spirit of disc golf crafted by those who live and breathe the game.

Looks Good On & Off The Course

At Yock Wear, we believe that the spirit of disc golf isn't confined to just the course—it lives with us in every moment. Our apparel is meticulously designed to not only elevate your game but to be a reflection of that spirit wherever you go. Whether you're lining up for a crucial putt or catching up with friends at a café, Yock Wear ensures you carry the essence of the greens with an unmatched style. It's more than just clothing; it's a statement that resonates, echoing the beauty and camaraderie of the game, both on and off the course.